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Type: Fanfiction

Fandom: TPP FireRed/Wonderland

Characters: Alice, Hyperbug, Flameslash, Altareon, Karl Marc, DJ, Shellock Holmes, Red, AJ, Joey, Helix, Bill

Part 1 of 5 of the Finale Series

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Shellock Holmes: The Younger Days


I love Twitch Plays Pokemon more than anything, and I saw this Red cosplayer! They bumped into walls and walked around with no direction sometimes. If you can’t see, the Flareon has a sign which says the “False Prophet.”


Is this not a work of art?

Original post by Sophalone
Gonna miss these guys. <3


Original post by Sophalone

Gonna miss these guys. <3


One of my favourite parts of the Randomized FireRed run was when we used Democracy mode to watch every episode of Teachy TV then followed the directions of the final episode to register Teachy TV to Select.

Still upset I missed that

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"My Youth Has Survived"

Original post by AgainTheSaga

Congratulations on the voctory, everyone.

Sooo~o is there  a full compendium of the TPP ‘lore’ yet?  Past halfway through gen 2 I’ve only seen bits and pieces.

Well, because there’s so many people making it and some people disagree with some things others want in the lore, there is no real cohesive lore for any part of tpp (some things people still argue about are when Emerald takes place, weather or not Alice is Bill’s daughter, if Helix is actually a god, etc. etc.)

That said, this is pretty cohesive as far as emerald lore goes as is this, all  these  posts  by  gaigaia pull the Crystal lore together pretty well, and this at the very least brings up a lot of the different ideas people had at the beginning of FireRed.

I also made this post a while back about some of my favorite TPP cannons, but as I said before, nothing is definite and these are just some of my personal favorite ideas about lore.